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Direct Primary Care FAQs

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What is Direct Primary Care?
Direct Primary Care is a new model for healthcare that revitalizes the patient and physician relationship. We are here to provide you with access to healthcare that isn’t limited by copays or deductibles. Instead, your team of providers makes time for you, with personalized visits and treatment plans. No more rushed appointments or unexpected bills.For a flat-rate monthly membership, gain access to your doctor by appointment, phone, email, or video chat. Address all of your concerns in one visit.
What are the benefits for patients of American Health DPC?

1. Our members visit us early and often, and avoid costly health emergencies.

2. Our priorities: patient experience, health outcomes and personalized engagement.

3. One Stop Shop: Get everything done in one place!

4. Our patients maintain insurance coverage that allows them to feel secure in the case of emergency or major medical problems.

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Does American Health DPC take insurance?

Short answer, no. In recent years, we have become increasingly concerned about the way insurance paperwork and other bureaucratic hassles have taken time and energy we could have devoted to caring for patients. I’m sure it has been frustrating for you to feel rushed during an office visit or to wait for a response when you have called the office for a medication refill or because of another concern. Bypassing insurance will allow us to spend more time serving you and less time dealing with insurance paperwork, prior authorizations and all the delay in care associated with insurance. We will also be more available to you by phone, email, and online. Additionally, DPC saves patients from arbitrary personal health decisions made by insurance companies and avoids expensive contractual agreements which saves our patients quite a bit of money on labs and visits.

What is the difference between direct primary care and concierge medicine?
Concierge medicine is healthcare that is designed to serve only the wealthy, while the DPC model of care is accessible and affordable to most people.
Do I still need health insurance?
Ideally, yes. On average about 90% of your healthcare can be managed by your primary care team. However, there are certain types of care that we do not manage.such as inpatient hospitalizations, radiology imaging, specialists. This is why it is important to have some sort of wrap around plan health insurance policy. American Health has contracted lower rates on radiologic services for our patients throught Bright Light Radiology.
What age range of patients do you see?
American Health DPC sees patients from age 16 and up.
What plan is right for me?
American Health offers 3 flexible plans to fit your needs. For patients who are not ready to become members, but still want us to be their primary care provider team, we offer a la carte pricing. For patients that are overall healthy but want access to a team of amazing providers or need prescription management, the essential membership plan is perfect. For patients that require a bit more attention, the premium membership plan is a great fit. See our pricing page for what is included in each health care plan.
What if I am an American Health established patient, but I have been using my insurance?
As of March 1st 2022, we will no longer be accepting health insurance. We would love to continue to take care of you as a member or an a la carte patient. Many of our patients have expressed interest in staying with us, and we are extremely grateful to those that see the immense value in the DPC healthcare model.